MRI P Ltd is named for quality, commitments, integrity, timely execution, innovative technology and its finest architecture. 

    Our age is 5 and more than decade we are experienced in constructing homes and residential flats. The pleasure of living in MRI flats is better experience than explained, we don’t build homes, and we build dreams for our customers. We build beyond your imagination. 

     Our team is named as “Honey Bee” since we are more focused on final product by taking individual responsibility and working as a team. 

      The company is managed by highly experienced people who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality constructions, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. 

       Our strength is that we locate fats at hot spot of Madurai  which earns value for your investments. We strictly follow CMDA regulations and other laws, better value for your money.

Our Quality Policy 

1. Providing quality housings at appropriate prices by effective utilization of resources.

2. Using right materials and latest technologies in construction for safe and quality buildings. 

3. Timely handover and provide post sale support to customer. 

4. Following the best and the ethical business practices