K. Erwadi Ibrahim, the visionary Founder Chairman of Aakash Pharma, is widely credited as being the architect of herbal and AYURVEDIC medicine. His vision of bringing awareness on herbal extract and food supplements for healthy and disease free life style.

     Our Chairman was born as the seventh child for the farmer couple Mr. A. Kadhar Mahadeen and Mrs. Umal Kabeebha, from Mattur Village. The Chairman K. Erwadi Ibrahim has intuition from childhood to help others. After finishing his schooling HSC (Science Group), at Madurai he was eager to join Medical Course. But due to his family situation he was sent to work at Fenner India in Machinery department at Madurai.

      With his involvement, analytical thinking with natural talent he was able to run single machinery by himself which has been carried out by three members. Experience,expertise and technical know-how thereby acquired, he has been awarded with promotion for higher designation. Knowing his skills and talents the company has prepared to send him to Germany for the utilization of his skills for the improvement of the Fenner Company. For serving the mankind he has plant to start up a new company so he refused the German offer.

      In 1993, he was affected by Chronic Abdomen Pain and Angio Neuro Disease for which he undergone medical treatment but not cured. For curing his disease he searched many siddhas and met them. Interactions with them he learned for preparation of many natural curing medicines. As per their guidance and in taking ayurvedic medicine he got cured. Because of his inner thirst he joined in Gurukul to learn various kinds of making AYURVEDIC medicines and food supplements' from herbo mineral extracts and herbs. He got SMP certification by 1993. He continued giving free medicines for various chronic disease at home during evening hours after finishing his regular duties.

      By 1997, he resigned his job at Fenner India, Madurai and made pavement to start a new enterprise where he could manufacture and distribute Medicine and food supplement ' for various illness and diseases.

      Three years later he got license to start the proper manufacturing unit and by 2000, he launched his Manufacturing Unit and distribution center at Koodal Nagar, Madurai. The Medicines and food supplements' are prepared from the herbal extracts and herbo minerals extracted using Rain Water hence named his company as AAKASH PHARAMACEUTICALS.

      With his vast knowledge and experience in the field of Medicine and food supplements' he himself went for counseling doctor throughout TAMILNADU for referring his products. He explained them that NO metals or chemicals present in the products and which cause no SIDE EFFECTS in taking them.


      As per the proverb "Prevention is better than curve" , he planned for the preventive measures and invented Halal certified Bath Soaps. Generally the fatty acid is used in bath soaps. In his research he found that some part of the sweet pores are checked by use of common bath soaps. And by that the impurities in blood vessels cannot be cleansed. The Skin impurities are:

  1. Cholesterol;    2. Evaporating Cholesterol Oil;    3. Albumin Protein;    4. Urea;    5. Lactic Acid;    6. Sodium Chloride;   

7. Potassium Chloride;    8. Alkaline Phosphate;    9. Sugar;     10. Ascorbic Acid

     Due to this density of impurities in the blood vessels the oxgyen supply to various parts of the body will be reduced which causes various disease like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Cholestrol, Heart diseases, Stone Formation etc., As a prevention for this he found that coconut oil contains large quality of cleansing effect. In general there is a thought that soaps are manuufactured with coconut oil but the truth is most of the soaps in market are manufacture with fatty acid. Knowing the above facts he decided to manufacture and distribute bath soaps with pure virgin coconut oil and herbal extracts and named them as A-CN, AAKASH, D-Max, and Pep Soaps etc.,.

      The Soaps are based on virgin coconut oil with herbal extract and permitted perfumes and color. In an insepction done by Chief Engineer and his team, TANGEDCO, 2015, and noticed the manufacturing Unit has been self designed and implanted by the chairman, himself. After inspecting the Boilers, Grinding Machines, Mixers, lifts etc, are found to be efficient and very much energy conservative. The team appreciated him as "Today's G.T. Naidu" for his vast knowledge, experience, curiosity and implementing skills for making new units. He was also awarded as the "Best Enterpreneur" by Indian Muslim League for Madurai North District.

      All his wholly owned businesses under the Aaskash Pharmaceuticals is very successful and professionally managed by a team of highly qualified professionals. A very distinguished list of loyal clients bears testimony to the high quality standards of products and services coupled with good business ethics and principles of the company.