Simple home remedies for dental pain

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As soon as the sun rises in the morning, some may be exhausted with the toothless pain that cannot withstand the impact of the cold. Soon after the doctor can not go to the doctor, many people try to fix the things in the home. And when it came to pain in those days, it has been done with many home remedies. In fact, at that time, he used cosmetics as a hospital. And if we go to our grandparents, they will give a variety of super tips.

But over time, we are looking for a doctor for the smallest problem in our emergency. If you do not get the medicine done at home, then immediately we ignore our medical practices. In this case, doctors say that the doctrine is the Vedic Word. Here you can see how to get rid of such an idea and follow some home remedies. Follow these ways to get rid of the multitasking.

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If there are two cloves in the place of tooth pain in the area, the toothpool will remain unknown.


If you find the toothache, remove one cup of hot water with a teaspoon of salt and sprinkle it in small amounts in light mesh and sprinkle the entire cup. To do this daily, the toothache and inflammation will decrease. And the germs are also destroyed by saline water.


A tooth tumor is trampled and gradually decreases to keep the pain in place. This is a good result because the chemical substance that is resistant to allicin in the pump.


Biting green onions and soften the tooth juice will reduce the tooth pain. The alkalinity of green onions will not only destroy the germs in the tooth but also prevent the tooth decay.

Ice tumors

Ice tumors should be kept in the painful place and the pain will slow down and inflammation.

Sesame oil

As soon as the sun rises in the morning, pleasant smell will be sprayed in a white color for 15 minutes. Spit it out. In the course of doing some days, all the problems in the mouth will go away.

Ginger juice

Tooth decay is softened to get rid of coconut juice. Put the pistol in the painful place. The soaking water is absorbed by the water and the tooth will be painful.

Doctor’s Advice

Do not approach the doctor without the need. In the worst case, you can approach a good doctor search Dental clinic in Madurai on maduraiweb when it comes to removing the tooth. Unnecessary removal of the tooth will leave you in many problems. I do not know anything after removing the tooth. The headache will be accompanied by a variety of time. So be cautious in this matter.

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